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Who am I? Where do I begin? Where do I end? Am I one with the natural world? These mountain peaks? These majestic forest? Is it I, myself, that I paint? My soul?Reds. Blues. Yellows. Greens. A verdant landscape on the blank canvas as if by magic, my passion reflected in the natural world. The natural world reflected in me. I express myself. I am a expressionist.

I am a traveler, an explorer, an adventurer. I bring a life, my life to all to see. an abstraction. Man is that creature whom, godlike for moments at a time, abstracts, imagine, invents. Creates. I am an artist because I create, because I see the palette of my passions in the art that that I create. I infuse this world - it infuses me -  with incalculable wonder. With the will to live expansively and without reservations. Beyond, even , understanding because what, after all , is there to be understood. 

So journey with me. Climb the mountain by my side. Sail with me across the seas of my inner mind for they are your seas as well as mine. Perhaps these paintings will revive for you a moment of transcendence that had been lost. Perhaps you will view one of my paintings and the chimerical border that exist between us  and this natural world will melt a away. Our journeys are, after all the same journey . Express yourself.  Look in the mirror. You are an expressionist as well.

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